Thursday, 15 October 2009

System of Rice Intensification

is a new way of production of rice. It is a ray of hope for revitalising the current declining production of rice from the Konkan area. It reduces labour, saves on water and of course costs. Upalpada, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Princely States

Very few regions in Konkan were part of the princely states at the time of British rule. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad is one of them. Structures like this entry gate give this small town from southern Gujarat a unique charm.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

झाकोळले नभ!!!

Rain pattern becomes sometimes irriegular, which is a regular feature of monsoon, Konkan being no exception. It creates such scene, openly saying, "I am coming, but I am not sure when I will really arrive." Clicked at Kalamkhet, Dist. Dangs, Gujarat.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Katkheli काटखेळी

A traditional dance from Konkan region of India. People use sticks for clapping. The dance is unique to the Anjanvel village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is played during the festival of Holi which is known as Shimga in the region.
काटखेळी- हा नृत्यप्रकार कोकणातील आहे. नाचताना छोट्या काठ्यांचा उपयोग टिप-यांसारखा केला जातो म्हणुनच त्यास काटखेळी म्हटले जाते. हे नृत्य कोकणातील अंजनवेल गावाची खासियत  असून शिमग्याच्य़ा सणावेळी (होळी) खेळले जाते.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Flash floods,

unprotected bridges and daring drivers form a deadly mixture in peak monsoon season of Konkan. This truck has been carried away by the force of a big river in South Dangs.

कोकणचे रस्ते वळणावळणाचे, नियम पाळा रहदारीचे.

The curves are pleasant as well as dangerous in Konkan.

Devacha Khamb

Devacha Khamb, a wooden pole with some carvings is kept erect on the ground and worshipped. in a village from Dangs district of Gujarat.

raw cashew nuts

Harvesting them in loads Vetore, Tal. Vengurle, Dist. Sindhdurg.

Ancient wells

are found in many parts of Ratnagiri district. Kolambe, Tal. Dist. Ratnagiri


with idols of village deities is moved from place to place at the time of festival of Shimga, Anjanvel, Tal. Guhagar, Dist. Ratnagiri.

Age old practice

of Raab continues throughout Konkan. Seedlings of Rice and Finger millet are raised on these beds of ash from burnt biomass before transplanting them to the main field.


of a typical tribal house. Ambajungle, Tal. Kaparada, Dist. Valsad.

Mass migration

 of poor people to the nearby cities takes place in the tribal region of South Gujarat. Ambajungle, Tal. Kaparada, Dist. Valsad

Planting finger millet

on hill slopes in Sarvar village, Dangs. Finger millet is a major food crop in tribal areas of Konkan.

Soil erosion

is problem all over the hilly tracts of Konkan. Upalpada, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat.

High in hills amongst clouds

during monsoon on heights of Sahyadri live some villagers . Shishumal village, Dharampur Block, Valsad district.


Vegetable plots near river beds managed by women, a traditional custom in Vansda taluka, Navsari district.

Konkan once had naval traditions,

These days it hosts live naval museums. On INS Vikrant.

On the banks of Mumbai

An outsiders view always helps to appreciate the things which can't be understood being an insider.

Crop Diversity

When non tribal parts in Konkan are loosing on its diversity of crops, tribal parts are gaining incomes by cultivating them. Varai (Proso millet) fetches high price amongst fast fancied Maharashtrians. Location Sarvar, Dist. Dangs

Toddy is a serious business,

for tribals of Konkan region. Extracting sap from the palms, (in this case Shindi palms) is first step of the process. Whether it remains Neera (unfermented juice which was a favourite of Gandhiji) or it becomes liquor to be consumed in huge quantities is matter of choice of the owner. Umarkui, Dadra and Nagarhaveli

Fun on the job

For rural children not only in Konkan but almost everywhere in India Handpump is always fun on the job. Sambarshingi, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad

A woman from Dangi Bhil tribe in Dangs district. Gunjpeda, Dist. Dangs

Although a menace

Free grazing cattle sometimes become good show. Jawhar, Dist. Thane

Hazy Mornings in Winter

Lacchhakadi, Tal. Vansda, Dist. Navsari

It is not an easy job

to cultivate rice. Gulduve, Tal. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Moti Talao

Town's pride. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Waghbeel (Tiger Cave)

Natural Cave or location for hidden treasures, definitely a mysterious place. Near Talavane, Tal. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

In search of attention from Historians

Ghodebav (Well for horses), this is said to be constructed when trading caravans carried goods from ports on Aronda creek to upghat destinations in Maharashtra. Near Malewad, Tal. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Circle of Light

Kavalesad Point, Amboli, Tal. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Spread Mountain Clung Clouds

Amboli, Tal. Sawantwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Making Salt

This site was also a part of Gandhiji's salt march movement. It was good business once. Nowadays it is threatened by pollution, constructions on creekways, labour scarcity and many other things. At Shiroda, Tal. Vengurle, Dist. Sindhudurg

Interesting Real Estate

Flashy post retirement homes of Mumbaikars are springing up in most parts of the Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts.

Sri Devi Sateri Mandir, Vetore, Tal. Vengurle, Dist. Sindhudurg

Dhutapapeshwar Mandir, near Rajapur, Dist. Ratnagiri

Very beutiful well preserved structure.

Beutiful view.

Beutiful Location.

Monuments in Goa are well preserved. One impressive old structure in Old Goa area.

मावळत्या दिनकरा

Setting Sun, Darkening Sky, Glazing Water. Ferry port in Mangalore City.

Older designs, modern materials.

Lakshmi Keshav Temple Kolisare, Tal. Dist. Ratnagiri

Glimpses of Malshej

Trees turn green in the monsoon, water turns white on the slopes.

Beware! It is not a common waterfall, it is a roaring river falling off the cliffs of Sahyadri .

Straight Rocks, Freightening Heights and Green Surroundings make it a marvellous mix in Malshej Area, Tal. Murbad, Dist. Thane

नभ मेघांनी आक्रमिले

Feeling the incoming of rains in front of you by standing on top of the hills is really a great experience. Location: Sambarshingi, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad
Colourful houses are common in tribal areas of South Gujarat or for that matter wherever you go in Konkan. Location: Sambarshingi, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad.

Shirpa Mal शिरपा माळ

In memory of Shivaji's visit to the place. Location: Shirpa Mal, Jawhar, Dist. Thane


Waterfall in a river bed. Giradhodh, near Vaghai, Dist. Dangs.

जलदालि मेघांची खाली आली

Location: Wilson Hill, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad

Wilson Hill

Raja of Dharampur built this monument in memory of his wife Lady Wilson, Queen of Dharampur. Location: Wilson Hill, Village Pangarbari, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


 is taking its toll on Konkan seacoast. Mass death of many sea creatures like this dead jelly fish found at Dahanu beach, is common site all along the coastline. Loss of Mangrove forests, entry of untreated chemical wastes in the creeks, over exploitation of fish population and many other reasons can be given. People from the region are paying for all these deeds any way as the prices of sea fish are becoming higher as the time passes.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Flora and Fauna

With diverse flora, there is scope for development of diverse fauna as well. Colourful grasshoppers make their presence known in the rainy season. Location: Amboshi, Tal. Dharampur, Dist. Valsad

Giant Tasar Moth, with about 0.5 ft of wing spread is common site all across Konkan in the rainy seasons. Location: Lacchakadi, Tal. Vansda, Dist. Navsari

Rice crop, when matures, creates a golden hue all around itself. Location: Lachhakadi, Tal. Vansda, Dist. Navsari

Palmyra palms dot the landscape in coastal plains of Northern Konkan. Near Mahalakshmi, Tal. Dahanu, Dist. Thane

Giant Kapok tree, the age of which is not surely told by even the oldest person of the village, might be about 150-200 years old. Such trees are being fallen down as deforestation is on the agenda of new age of Konkan developers. Location: Dinbari, Tal. Kaprada, Dist. Valsad

Konkan is rich with diverse flora for human use. Okboki, as it is known in Ratnagiri district or Penkul as it is known in Sindhudurg, is a wild fruit which can be eaten by humans. These types of fruits are certainly not for city bred folks with bland tastes. One has to be open while exploring not so known aspects Konkan. Location: Vetore, Tal. Vengurle, Dist. Sindhudurg

Coconuts and arecanut palms crowded on the hill slopes do allow some space for the sky. Location Anjanvel, Tal. Guhagar, Dist. Ratnagiri

Kapok tree, known as Savar in the local language, is a pleaure for eyes when in full bloom. Location near Rajapur town, Dist. Ratnagiri.