Sunday, 16 May 2010

Forts of Konkan 10: Kille Ratnagiri किल्ले रत्नागिरी

Location: Ratnagiri Town, Altitude 100m.

Things to see:
On the three sides of the fort, there is sea and it is connected to land on only one side. There is one lighthouse in the southern corner of the hill. The fort walls are not continuous. The citadel is in the North western corner and there is a temple of Goddess Bhagawati in the temple. Near the temple is a very well constructed well and has one tunnel which is claimed to be a way for escaping from enemy. The tunnel is claimed to have its other opening in the sea downwards. Nobody has verified this yet. The fort offers beautiful views of sea coast and ports of Bhagavati, Mandvi and Mirya and also those of Ratnagiri town.

The fort was strengthened during the Bahamani rule from the period 1343 to 1500. There are no records mentioning anything about this fort in subsequent Adilshahi dynasty of Bijapur which was ruling this area upto 1600. In 1670 it came under rule of Shivaji Maharaj. Marathas made this fort their important military post and was in their hands till British took it over in 1818.

The fort has been made accessible by motorable roads from Ratnagiri town. There is small village called Killa which has developed at the base of the fort. The temple has its annual festival in the Navratra time which comes during the month of September or October.

Nearby attractions:
Ratnagiri town has many places of tourist attraction such as Birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak, Patit Pavan Mandir, Thibaw palace which now hosts a small museum showing historical artefacts from Konkan. There is one Marine Biological Research Centre near Ratnagiri fort which has an aquarium.

How to reach:
With your own vehicle:
Mumbai- Chiplun- Ratnagiri
Pune- Satara- Koynanagar- Ratnagiri
Kolhapur- Ambaghat- Ratnagiri
Goa- Kankavali- Ratnagiri

With Public transport:
From Mumbai by train, ST buses or private buses
From Pune- by ST or private buses
From Kolhapur- by ST or private buses
From Goa- by Train or ST buses

The Ratnagiri fort is connected by ST city bus service. There are also private auto rikshaws which can be hired.

Nearby Places for stay: