Sunday, 16 May 2010

Forts of Konkan 11: Kille Kulaba किल्ले कुलाबा

Alibaug. Dist. Raigad

Things to see:
It is located on an island near the Alibaug beach. It can be reached by walking for 500 m if the tide is low otherwise it requires a boat to reach here. The speciality of the fort is that its wall is constructed by stone blocks just one over the other and no cementing material is used in the construction. Its main entrance is towards North east towards Alibaug beach. It has beautiful carvings depicting lotus, peacocks, elephants etc. There is one under ground room near the second door. There is another entrance which opens directly on the sea in the south. There is one Ganesh temple in the fort. The fort provides views of island forts of Khanderi and Underi in the North and Alibaug town and Sagargad in the east. In the south one can see fort of Korlai. There is one small fort in the North very near to the Alibaug fort is Sarjekot. On the Alibaug beach there is small fort called Hirakot. 

The fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj. The whole area of Ashtagar or 8 coastal villages of Alibaug taluka were under control Angres, the naval chief of Maratha military. The Angre family had to fight wars with Portuguese in 1730's and with Siddi of Janjira in 1747 both of whom tried to take this area. Angres successfully won both the wars. The Angre Kingdom rules this area till 1840 when British took complete control of this princely state.

The fort is not in good condition and its walls are crumbling. It is in need of repairs and renovation. Alibaug being the place of prime tourist attraction there is scope to develop it into an important tourist place.

Nearby attractions:
Alibaug beach and Kanhoji Angre memorial.

How to reach:
By your own vehicles:
Mumbai- Panvel- Pen- Alibaug
Pune- Khopoli- Pen- Alibaug
Kolhapur/ Goa- Chiplun- Mahad- Roha- Alibaug

With Public transport:
Reach Alibaug with direct ST buses avaiable from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. It is the walking distance from Alibaug beach.

Nearby Places for stay: