Thursday, 20 May 2010

Forts of Konkan 15 : Kille Pranaladurg किल्ले प्रणालदुर्ग

Panhalekaji, Tal. Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri

Things to see:
The site is more famous for its caves which are of Buddhist and Hindu tradition. However theres is also a small fort which is situated on confluence of two small rivers called as Dhakti Kotjai and Thorli Kotjai. There are two water tanks in the fort. There is temple of village deity Goddess Zolai in the fort.

The fort is from the period of Shilahar dynasty and the area along with the fort was developed during 12th century when Shilahar King Aparaditya faught and won control over this area from Kadamba dynasty in 1127. The history of the area came into light in 1970 when a copper plate was found by a local farmer named Keshavrao Jadhav. The credit for finding those caves and developing this area goes to Anna Shirgaonkar from Dabhol until that time the caves were under huge pile of soil and rocks fallen on them.

The fort is very small and not much developed. Some walls of the fort exist. Since the fort is from ancient times and gone into neglect as the area lost its importance during further Muslim period not much of construction has happened at this place. However some more research will definitely prove useful for unearthing this area and fort which stand from ancient times. Especially trade and Buddhist and Hindu traditions in the area in the past.

Nearby attractions:
One can visit Dabhol village which is a port of historical importance. At Unhavare there are hot water springs.

How to reach:
With your own vehicles
Following routes should be followed for reaching
Dapoli Panhalekaji

With Public transport:
Direct ST buses are available for Dapoli from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. While coming from Goa one has to reach Chiplun and then take ST buses for Dapoli. From Dapoli there daily two or three buses to Panhalekaji. Otherwise one can go to Pangari which is on the other side of the river and has more number of buses approximately 7-8. From Pangari one has to walk to Panhalekaji (about 2 km).

Nearby Places for stay:
Dapoli, some resorts near Dabhol.