Saturday, 22 May 2010

Forts of Konkan 21 : Korlai Fort कोरलईचा किल्ला

Korlai, Tal. Mururd, Dist. Raigad
Altitude 90 m.

Things to see:
The fort is located on a high hill which protrudes into the sea and connected to the mainland by a narrow strip. At this location Kundalika river meets the Arabian sea. The location gives a beautiful view of Kundalika river in the east and the sea to the west. One can see forts of Kulaba, Khanderi and Underi from here in the North. There are some temples on the fort which were built during Maratha rule. The fort has total of 11 gates, four of which are outer. A water cistern called Santa Cruz is located at the north point. There are some inscriptions on some of the entrances which are in Portuguese. In the highest part of the fort there is one church and ruins of a magazine (store house for ammunition). There are 17 canons on the forts placed at various strategic location.

The fort of Korali was built by Nizam of Ahmednagar who controlled this area in 1590. Portuguese attacked this fort and captured it in the year 1594 as Nizam broke the peace treaty by building the fort over Korlai rocks. In 1684 Sambhaji Maharaj made an unsuccessful attempt to capture the fort. The portuguese lost this area to Marathas in 1740 and they withdrew completely from this area after losing the battle of Vasai. The village of Korlai has some of its population having mixed Portuguese- Konkani ethnicity and they are catholic Christians who speak a language called Kristi, which evolved due to mixture of native North Konkani dialect and Portuguese.

The fort is in good condition despite passage of time with negligence. Many trees have started growing on the walls of the forts. There is one lighthouse on the hill of Korlai fort.

Nearby attractions:

How to reach:
By your own vehicle:
Follow the route as given below to reach,
Alibaug Chaul Revdanda
Chiplun Mahad Roha

By public transport:
Korlai is connected by ST buses to Alibaug, Murud and Roha. From Mumbai and Pune catch ST buses going to Murud and get down at Korlai. While coming from Kolhapur come to Roha by direct ST buses and then reach Korlai. For coming from the south of Konkan and Goa, one has to reach Roha by getting down at Kolad on highway or reach Roha by train and then by ST bus one can go to Korlai. From Korlai village one needs to walk for 30 minutes to reach the fort.

Nearby Places for stay:
Roha, Murud, Alibaug. Many homestays and sea resorts are available in nearby villages of Chaul, Revdanda and Kashid.