Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Forts of Konkan 4: Kille Malanggad किल्ले मलंगगड

Malangwadi, Tal. Kalyan, Dist. Thane, Altitude 789 m from Mean Sea Level

Things to see:
It provides following views in the west Kaman durg, Kalyan city, in the North Mahuli fort, in the South Panvel, Matheran range, Chanderi fort, Karnala and Ambarnath town and sometimes also Mumbai. Haji Maland dargah and various other temples, citadel. The rock surfaces are popular with the rock climbers.

Malanggad was first developed into a fort by King Naladev of Maurya dynasty in 7th century. The fort was home to one Nathpanthi Saint named Machhindranath during this period. There is one interesting story of a princess from this dynasty falling in love with one ascetic on the fort and disturning his meditative Samadhi stage. She was converted into a stone by that ascetic by using his magical powers. The stone worshipped today. In 12th century a Sufi saint from Yemen named Haji Abd ur Rahaman came here and made this fort as his base. The dargah built in his memory has became a place for pilgrimage. The fort came under Maratha rule somewhere in the timeline but was captured by British in 1780 but they had to leave this fort again as part of Ango Maratha treaty in 1781. Peshwas took this victory as an effect of blessing of the saint and helped to develop the place. Ketkar family of Kalyan is still holds various rights to the place. They regained the power on the fort after Peshwa rule has seriously weakened after 1817.

Don't expect to have spiritual solitude here in spite of Malanggad being a place made by ascetics as their home. Tourists and devotees come to this place in huge crowds. The place badly needs cleaning. Visit to the citadel or Balekilla as it known is challenging hike from the Pir Machi which is the name for the plateu on which Dargah is situated. The hike is a thrilling experience. up. As Muslims and Hindus both claim this place to be theirs only, many times this place is the ground for religious disputes. Despite those things the fort is worth a visit for its brathtaking views and feeling of height. Precautions for persons who are not used to climbing high hills is that it has really high steps and real pain on knee. Also be prepared to get irritated by beggars.

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How to reach:
With your own vehicles:
Mumbai/ Pune- Shilphata- Kalyan- Malangwadi (base village)
Mumbai/ Pune- Panvel- Vavanje

With Public transport:
Reach Kalyan by train or bus. Get the city bus for Malanggad from bus stand which is near to the train station on the Western side. Or Reach Panvel by train/ bus and take bus or autorikshaw for Vavanje village. Vavanje route to Malanggad is not used by pilgrims.

Nearby Places for stay:
Kalyan, Panvel