Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Forts of Konkan 43 : Kille Jaigad किल्ले जयगड

Jaigad, Tal. Dist. Ratnagiri
Seaside Fort

Things to see:
Near the main entrance of the fort there is one Killedar Smarak which is in the memory of Jaiba Mahar who was a chief on the fort. The main entrance has some lotuses carved on it. There is outer wall and 20 bastions on the fort. On the eastern side there is one secret entrance. There are some wells inside the fort. There are many private houses inside the fort. There is a cave near one of the walls and a temple of Mohamayadevi exists in the temple. There are two pillars constructed in laterite stone in the cave which attract the visitors. All along the wall on the outer side are moats. On the western side there are some remains of the old store houses.
A grand structure inside the fort
Jaigad is located on the Shastri river which was an important creek having the inland port of Sangameshwar. Jaigad Fort was built for protection of this creek. Jaigad village has also been an important port since historical times. The fort was first developed by Bijapur Sultanate in 1500's. The story goes about this construction that they were not getting the work successfully completed. One Jayba Mahar offered his own life for the human sacrifice which was suggested as a solution to the problem. In his memory the fort was named as Jaigad. Bijapur Sultanate could not retain their power in the area however and it was lost to Naik of Sangameshwar just a few years after its completion. The Naiks successfully protected it against attacks from Bijapur Sultanate and Portuguese. Subsequently it came into the dominion of Shivaji and his descendant Kingdom of Shahu. Peshavas handed this fort to Angre but somewhere in the timeline afterwards it again came back to Peshavas and then was lost to British in 1818.

The fort walls and bastions are in good condition. There is one government guest house in the fort premises.

Nearby attractions:
Karhateshwar Mandir which was built during the Shilahar period in 11th century is a beautiful site. The lighthouse of Jaigad which was built in 1832 is also worth a visit.

How to reach:
By your own vehicle:
Follow the route as given below to reach,
Chiplun Abloli Bhatgaon Khandala
Hatkhamba Nivali
Amba Pali
The fort is about 100 m away from the Jaigad port and there is pathway constructed in laterite stones for reaching the fort.

By public transport:
Jaigad is connected by direct ST buses from Mumbai and Pune. While coming from Kolhapur and Goa one has to get down at Hatkhamba and catch the local ST buses going to Jaigad from Ratnagiri which stop at the junction.

Nearby Places for stay:
Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule, resorts and homestays in Jaigad