Friday, 25 June 2010

Forts of Konkan 47 : Kille Devgad किल्ले देवगड

Devgad, Dist. Sindhudurg
Seaside Fort

Things to see:
The fort walls and bastions are in good condition. There is one Ganesh temple inside the fort. There is a light house in the fort. There are mango plantations around the fort.

The fort was built in 1705 by Kanhoji Angre. When fort was built the site was at the mouth of the creek and was surrounded from all the sides by water. It was thus known as Jazeere Devgad. Change of control of this fort from Marathas to British took place on the date 7th April 1818.

The fort is in ruins.

Nearby attractions:
Kunakeshwar Mandir, Wind Energy Project near Government Cicruit House. Neighbouring villages of Devgad are famous for growing Alphonso mangoes. Devgad is known for its snake species called Phurse in the local langugae. These snakes are caught here and sent to Haffkine Institute for producing anti venoms. Vimaleshwar Mandir at Wada Padel near Devgad.

How to reach:
By your own vehicle:
Follow the route as given below to reach,

Rajapur Sagve
Kolhapur Gaganbavada

By public transport:
Devgad is connected by direct ST buses from Mumbai, Goa, Pune and Kolhapur.

Nearby Places for stay:
Devgad has some lodges and some homestays.