Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Forts of Konkan 36 : Kille Chandragad किल्ले चंद्रगड

Dhavale, Tal. Poladpur, Dist. Raigad
Hill Fort Altitude 702 m.

Things to see:
The fort is located on a hill range which starts from Arthur Seat point of Mahabaleshwar towards West. On the fort there are remains of Janani Temple and a palace. There is one Shiva temple known as Dhavaleshwar Mahadev. There are two water cisterns in the fort, one is on Northern side and one is near Dhavaleshwar Mahadev.

View from top of Chandragad

The fort was constructed by Chandrarao More of Javli and later on won by Shivaji Maharaj from him.

The fort is in ruins.

Nearby attractions:
Some trekkers do a trek which combine nearby Chandragad. One can trek from this point to the Arthur Seat point in Mahabaleshwar. Umrath village is the birthplace of Tanaji Malusare and Shelarmama who were Sardars of Shivaji Maharaj.

How to reach:
By your own vehicle:
Follow the route as given below to reach,
Poladpur Dhavale

From Dhavale there is uphill trek for 1.5 hours. The way up the fort is slippery and through scree. One needs to know some rock climbing techniques. Local guidance is advised for going up the fort from the base village. If interested in long trek, then one can get down from Arthus Seat via Dhavale pass and reach Chandragad in 6 hours or vice a versa.

By public transport:
Poladpur is connected by direct ST buses from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. ST and private buses going to Mumbai from southern Konkan and Goa can drop you at Poladpur even if they do not have a regular stop over there. Dhavale has ST bus service from Poladpur.

Nearby Places for stay:
Mahad, Mahabaleshwar, camping on the fort.